Titus II Ministry

The purpose of Titus 2 discipleship is for spiritually mature women to share the gospel and their lives (2 Thess. 2:7-8) with younger women in order to encourage and equip them to glorify God as they learn to think biblically and live covenantally through an understanding of biblical principles of womanhood. It trains women to know their creation design (helper) and redemptive calling (life-giver) and to be transformed by God’s grace from life-takers to life-givers. This purpose is realized as women:

-Learn to think biblically about all of life, including sexuality

-Seek to bring their lives under the authority of God’s Word

-Apply biblical principles to relationships and circumstances

-Establish covenant relationships with other women

-Become equipped to spiritually mother other women and girls

-Cultivate a life-giving culture in the church where women share the gospel and their lives with one another