Wednesday Adult Class with Berdj

Jennie Tchilinguirian
Valerie Posey
Allyson Larison
Gary Pinault

Frank Posey

Lorie Donley
Brad Bredesen

Rachel Evans

Ernie & Marlene Boyd

Jeanette Baldwin

Stephanie Walshak

Stuart & Tasha

Whitney and Craig Morgan

Jana Henry

Brittney and Randy Torres

Wednesday Kid’s Club or nursery

Lilliah age 6
Rafi 10
Madison – 9
Trinity- 7
Willow-8 months

Knox, 2

Lila, 4

Addie Mussa 4
Samuel Zimmerman

Annmarie Rusick 10

Charlie 10 and Emily 8

Olivia Bredesen

Walker – 13
Rocky – 10

Linda Evans 8

Sawyer 6

Belle 2.5

Brig – 6 yo

Zachary, 12
Eloise, 11
Jacqueline, 9

Mairyn 3
Holdyn 5

Madison- 3
Mason – 22 months

Isaiah Torres-1 year
Harper Torres -3 year

Note from the Bredesens

Olivia – kids club
Ben – youth
Mara – wants to help with kids club (as available)


Note from Lane

Greetings! Just count me in for dinner if you need a head count. I’ll scoot right after for choir! Really looking forward to fall studies and Sunday School. I’ve really enjoyed the big group studies, and will be a little sad that will be ending. You both have given us meaty studies. Thank you!

SS Brad and R C

Dean Showalter
Gary Pinault
Kerri Pinault

Fern Hester

Robin and Jeanette Baldwin

S S Bill Jones

Elizabeth Castro
Daniel Castro

Donna Jones

Josh & Gabbie Hiller

David and Tara Smith
Katherine Garcia

Chester & Jan Fehlis

Steven Hester

S S Gary Henry

Shane and Stephanie
Gary & Leigh Ann Holub

Jim & Barbaranne Kelly

Allyson Larison

Josh & Lindsey Randow

Ron and Emily Denis

Brian and Beth Riggs

S S Jennie

Cindy Grubbs
Martha McAllister

Beth Potter

Sirena Zimmerman

Daphne Everman

Socorro Block

valerie Posey

S S Ace

Mike Gamble

Sonny & Stephanie House

Shawn Wedlund

Stefanie Bennett

Mosey and Steve Heitkemp

Marilyn Reed

Don and Connie Hendrix

Frank Posey

Dan and Kelly deBoom

Roy and Faye Linnartz

Mary Frances and Richard Campbell

Rob Block

Keith and Jan Wingate