Our Plans For Protecting Congregational and Community Health

The elders have implemented the following changes to our worship services to enhance hygiene and protect the health of all of our church members. Please be aware of the following changes:

Changes we are making for worship:

  1. We will no longer pass plates for offertory. A basket for offerings will be available in the narthex on the way in and out of service.
  2. We will no longer pass communion plates. Communion will resume June 21st with one-time use, individual packets for safety. More details provided during June 21st service.
  3. The nursery will be closed until further notice. We are monitoring the situation and will communicate as more information becomes available. Parents, feel free to have your younger children with you in worship. We promise to be understanding of the additional noise and activity. If you need to leave the Sanctuary to pacify your children, the EB will be set up with a live stream and we encourage that area to be used if needed for children in lieu of the narthex. 
  4. Hymnals and bibles temporarily will not be available in the Sanctuary. Bulletins that will include all music sheets will be distributed when you enter the church.
  5. The “cry room” will also be closed until further notice. A classroom in the EB will be available if needed.
  6. If you have any question prior to the service please call the church office.
  7. If during the service you need anything or have questions please locate a deacon or elder.

Steps we’ve taken to enhance hygiene:

  1. Cleaning of the facility and common areas is performed regularly.
  2. No-touch hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed at all doors over the next few weeks.
  3. Social distance seating: every other pew is blocked off. Families should maintain 6 ft. between each other in open pews.
  4. Doors are propped open to avoid touching handles.
  5. The nursery is closed until further notice.
  6. Communion and offering procedures will be adjusted to enhance safety.
  7. The choir will not convene/perform until further notice.
  8. All church staff have been briefed on current safety procedures.

As we resume meeting in-person for worship, we have been advised to take the following steps:

  1. Stay home if you are sick or high risk and watch our services on the live stream.
  2. Feel free to wear a mask (encouraged, not required). Masks will be available at entrances to sanctuary if needed.
  3. Please do not bring food or drinks into the sanctuary.
  4. Utilize the provided hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the building.
  5. Social distancing is encouraged when you’re entering the church and promptly move into the sanctuary to find seating.
  6. Greet one another verbally, without handshakes or hugs. Respect others’ space.
  7. The narthex will only be used to pass through. Please refrain from using this area to congregate and talk.
  8. Encourage six-foot distancing between families with every other pew in use. Overflow seating is available in the choir loft and EB
  9. Since the choir is not meeting, the choir loft will be used for those needed additional social distancing in the Sanctuary and the EB will have the live stream playing for possible overflow and additional areas for social distancing as well. 
  10. After the service, please remove all personal items and trash from your area and promptly move from the Sanctuary into the parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to gather safely together to worship once again. We look forward to our congregation worshiping and glorifying God as a family again.