Communications and Social Media
  • Ensure effective communication to members regarding announcements, events, prayers, etc.
  • Oversight of Coram Deo, web page, Facebook page, and other regular publication managers
  • Establish social media policy for the church, employees, and officers
Christian Education

The committee has responsibility for oversight of the various programs and teachings for the congregation including, but not limited to, nursery, children’s Sunday school, adult Sunday school, youth Sunday school, bible studies, and special events such as the Schaefer Conference.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the various education leaders such as the Superintendent of Children’s Sunday School, Ministry Coordinator, Youth Pastor and WOP Coordinator to insure they have the resources required for the teachings.
  • To coordinate activities and timing of various studies to avoid conflict, duplication of effort and proper allocation of shared resources and volunteers.
  • To provide oversight of various teachings and assure they are biblically sound.
  • To pray for the leaders and teachers of the various education programs that they may be well prepared to teach and that their efforts wit! bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Mercy Ministries
  • To provide support and oversight for men called to lead the various mercy ministries such as Metanoia Bible studies and mentoring, Angel Tree Program, Bible studies for the Hispanic community, Prison Fellowship, etc.
  • To coordinate use of facilities by groups such as Young Lives, etc.
  • To provide input for the use of the Harold Edge’s evangelical outreach mercy ministry funds to spread the gospel to the less fortunate.
  • To encourage those with spiritual gifts and a calling for mercy ministries to be aware of the opportunities to serve.
  • To support pro-Life programs and activities
  • To pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and love as the committee reengages in mercy ministries and seeks to spread the gospel.
Missions (Domestic and Foreign)
  • In the past this has been two separate committees, The Committee may choose to separate domestic and foreign missions into two committees.
  • The purpose of the committee is to establish contact with the missionaries we support and to be sure they are still active, to understand their needs, to obtain regular reports on their activities and to pray and encourage their efforts.
  • To provide communications from supported missionaries to the webmaster for publication in the church member area of the website
  • Develop a missions display in a visible area of the church complex
  • The committee is also responsible for reviewing existing missionary support, evaluating new support request and making recommendations to the session regarding any changes.
  • At the appropriate time, to consider and make recommendations to the session regarding a missionary weekend at CPC. The purpose of such an event may be to encourage and pray in person with the missionaries, to provide an opportunity for the congregation to get firsthand knowledge of their activities, solicit financial support from individuals in the congregation, etc.

The administration function of CPC is responsible for assuring the following activities and duties are carried out for the benefit of the Church. The duties and activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ensure the administration office is properly staffed and trained and that back up is available for critical functions.
  • Prepare the weekly deposits of contributions and tithes and to record individual contributions in Power Church. To prepare and distribute the year end statement of contributions for members.
  • Prepare the church calendar of events and keep it current to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Schedule required inspections of critical equipment such as the fire sprinkler system, elevators, and emergency lighting, fire safety inspections, etc.
  • Purchase needed supplies and equipment for the church using the Church credit card (for discount). Reconcile credit card purchases for all individuals with receipts
  • In coordination with the bookkeeper, to print all checks due for the period for signature and distribution/mailing (those that cannot be put on credit card).
  • Negotiate contracts and/or leases for equipment and insurance coverage for the church. To maintain a schedule for all required inspections. To communicate with vendors on scheduling for inspections; billing questions, service problems, etc. (manual has a list of all active vendors with contact information). To maintain a repair log identifying date, item repaired, cost, and supplier
  • Maintain in the copy room a reference of committees in the church, their functions, and members and where available, future schedules.
  • Prepare a new employee information packet and submit the information sheet to the Bookkeeper for payroll. To run background checks on new employees.
  • Complete and print Sunday worship bulletins.
  • Maintain the church roll and update on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain and publish the Church Directory.
  • Print the inquiry manuals and make the necessary arrangements for the class once the date and size of the class is determined.
  • Notify Sunday Responsibility Group via weekly email when we will have a baptism.
    • Follow established procedure manual for baptism prep
  • Create a new member file once a pastor notifies a person or couple will be joining the church. Assure that the new member is entered into the Church data system to receive all material and information necessary.
  • Assist all Sunday school teachers in in the typing, printing and distributing of lessons and materials.
  • Take the necessary information from individuals desiring to use or rent our facilities and submit to the session for review.
  • Coordinate with the family and necessary people within the church to make funeral arrangements. Create a bulletin/program for the service incorporating the family desires. (Checklist is in the manual).
  • Participate in the weekly staff meeting to assure all are informed about the weekly events and facility use.
  • Provide feedback to staff employees regarding performance and training opportunities.
  • Establish and implement protocols to maintain the integrity of the database and protect the church system from viruses and malware attacks.
  • Other services as periodically arise.