Romans Upcoming Study Update

Are you ready to study what many theologians consider to be the greatest letter ever written?

We are excited to be getting together for our fall 22 study? We have a new format this year and hope this will enhance our Romans Study. It is similar to what we had used a number of years ago. We have a team teaching approach. I will be teaching the basic lesson each week, while Jeanette Baldwin and Lindsey Randow will be leading and teaching discussion groups. Stefanie Bennett will be a regular substitute for that position. Our discussion groups will include new content as well as discussing the weekly lesson. We will have no assigned homework, but you will have optional opportunities to dig deeper as your time permits.

I will keep up a blog each week with a short summary of the lesson. Sometimes I will add pertinent articles and updates. Also, our blog page will have the outline and discussion questions for you to print out if you are not in class. Please take advantage of that as we generally won’t have the past week’s lesson on hand in class. Every time I publish a new blog post, you will get an email like this one informing you of new posts. I will plan to update the blog within 24 hours after a class and usually that same day.

This week we will be studying Romans 1:1-17 plus we will have background info on the context. We encourage you to be early, as we need to start on time to cover all our materials this week. Nursery drop off starts at 9:50, so that should not make anyone late. We ask for your prayers and your patience as we navigate through this new format and this wonderful letter.

See you Wednesday

On behalf of the Romans Teaching Team,

Kathy Horan