Dear Sisters,

It was October of 1995 when I first read Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt. From that first reading, a passion to see women discipling one another in the covenant context of the local church was planted deep in my heart. In the last two years, we have have been working toward a Titus 2 ministry at CPC. We began slowly…. praying, reading, researching, attending leadership-training conferences as well as working closely with the session in moving forward.

Our goal was a ministry based on the truths in God’s Word: truths that present a foundational theology for women ministering in the local church. For far too long, the world’s way of thinking about womanhood has been creeping into our churches, and the churches have been largely silent. The result? The majority of evangelical women are functional feminists because the world’s paradigm for womanhood is the only one they have heard. Sisters, this is a great tragedy! What God has called “good,” the world calls “evil.” The world cries “liberation!” but delivers bondage. Scores of marriages and homes are being shipwrecked and destroyed by these lies. Now, more than ever, we need the life-giving words of Jesus “If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This past spring at our annual Women of Purpose conference, entitled: Compassionate Community, Susan Hunt laid out a grand vision of women nurturing other women in the liberating, countercultural truths from God’s word concerning woman’s creation design and redemptive calling. We followed up in the summer with a book study of Closer Than A Sister, by Christina Fox. We discussed how God created us as his image bearers to live in community with one another, how sin ruined that, and how now, as Christians, we are being restored to live once again in community with one another, united to Christ and one another through his blood shed on the cross for us. We peeked into the jewel box of God’s word concerning these beautiful truths, to whet our appetites for more.

Today, we have a ministry team of 13 women who meet monthly to study and pray together, and to plan the next steps for our women’s ministry. In January we will be launching a word-based, relationally-driven, small group ministry based on these truths, led by some of our ministry team members. It is my hope and prayer that every one of you: older, younger, and anywhere in between, will want to be part of this. There is a place at the table for each and every one of you, no matter your life-situation. In the weeks ahead you will learn more details about this Titus 2 Discipleship ministry. Until then, would you begin praying now about joining with us in this pursuit of biblical womanhood, together, in our  compassionate community?

In His Love,


 up coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet once a month

Nursery availability on limited basis

About Titus II Ministry

The purpose of Titus 2 discipleship is for spiritually mature women to share the gospel and their lives (2 Thess. 2:7-8) with younger women in order to encourage and equip them to glorify God as they learn to think biblically and live covenantally through an understanding of biblical principles of womanhood. It trains women to know their creation design (helper) and redemptive calling (life-giver) and to be transformed by God’s grace from life-takers to life-givers. This purpose is realized as women:

-Learn to think biblically about all of life, including sexuality

-Seek to bring their lives under the authority of God’s Word

-Apply biblical principles to relationships and circumstances

-Establish covenant relationships with other women

-Become equipped to spiritually mother other women and girls

-Cultivate a life-giving culture in the church where women share the gospel and their lives with one another


WOP Ministry Team

l-r Khaki Lano, Valerie Posey, Stefanie Bennett, Lane Speck, Nancy Olson, Teresa Crawford, Jennie Tchilinguirian, Stephanie House, Kathy Horan, Jana Henry*, Barbaranne Kelly, not shown Dede Jones and Faye Linnartz

*CPC Women’s Ministry Coordinator

 Jana Henry

Our Ministry Team was launched for the purpose of teaching and equipping women to serve in the church. Once a month we gather to discuss different aspects of leadership and ministry in the church and pray. 

In between meetings, we read books that will enhance our understanding of what women’s ministry, based on Word and Prayer, should look like. This year we have read Praying Together by Megan Hill, Closer Than A Sister by Christina Fox. At our April meeting, we discussed the recent Women of Purpose conference, Compassionate Community, with Susan Hunt. Each woman on the ministry team has a group of women that she prays for specifically.