Fall Weekly Activities

Ladies Bible Studies

 Fellowship with God; Confidence in Christ,

led by Barbaranne Kelly.

A study of the text of 1, 2 & 3 John, supported by the whole of Scripture, and its application to believers today. We will search out the doctrines taught in these epistles and the covenant connections which tie them to all of the Bible.

*Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings at CPC*
The Pastoral Letters: Doctrine, Duty, and Life in the Local Church,
led by Kathy Horan

A study on the Pastoral Epistles of Paul (Timothy 1&2 and Titus), with an emphasis on the covenantal community in the local church. 

Church History

Starts February 12th

A 5 week overview covering the 1st century church to the present.  Minimal homework.

*Tuesday mornings at CPC*

For more info, contact Jana Henry

Men’s Study

Led by R E Mike Gamble



Thursday Lunch Study

With Pastor Dick Jones

(men and women)


Partnering to Remember

For Men and Women

Join together with us as we memorize John’s first epistle. We will partner together with the materials and pace, encouraging one another as we progress through the memorization. No class time required; this will be done on your own time, with weekly encouragement from our blog.

Prayer Groups

Men’s Prayer Group meets each Tuesday evening at 6:00PM and Sunday morning at 9:00 AM in EB203.
Women’s Prayer Group meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in EB206.

Wednesday Evenings at CPC

Wednesday Dinner

5:30pm prior to Wednesday evening activities

Developing Christian Character, by RC Sproul 

(men and women)

Wednesday evenings with Pastor Berdj

Ladies  Bible Study

led by Barbaranne Kelly

Youth Group

with Pastor John Bennett

Middle and High School youth meet across Branch
Road @ The Bennett’s house @ 6:00 pm.

Kid’s Club

Wednesday Evenings

1st grade through 6th grade. 

Choir Practice