Lesson 8

This week we began our study of Titus 2. The church is called both the body and the bride of Christ. The theme of the church’s witness to the world is mentioned in 2:5, “so that the word of God will not be dishonored.” Then Paul focuses on five groups in the church: older men (2:2); older women (2:3); younger women (2:4-5); younger men, with special application to Titus (2:6-8); and, slaves (2:9-10).

Paul always wed sound doctrine with the practical Christian living that flows out of it. “To have doctrine without practice is dead orthodoxy. To have practice without the foundation of sound doctrine is just human moralism. ” (Steven J. Cole, Bible.org) Knowing who God is and who we are, and knowing God’s way of salvation as taught in the Bible, provide the proper basis for holy living.

Paul lists characteristics of older men, and their role in the church. Then he moves to older women and teaches that they should teach younger women. They are to be examples of godliness, helping younger women in their roles as wives and mothers.

Jana Henry joined us to explain our new discipleship groups which will begin in 2019. Various days and times are offered, groups of six to eight will meet once a month. This is different than our bible studies, and will be more relational focusing on our place as members of our church family. They will read a chapter a month of Susan Hunt’s “Spiritual Mothering”, using that as a jump off for discussion and friendship building. Sign up is online.

As promised, here is the link to a wonderful article by Scott Slayton, What are the Marks of Genuine Friendship?