Memorizing Romans 8

During our first class I presented the opportunity to memorize Romans chapter 8 as we study. This is not required, and there is no pressure—really! But for those who wish to join us I handed out a copy of Romans 8 which is formatted for easier memorization.

In class, Jana and I described our methods for committing scripture to memory, and Elizabeth found videos of Romans 8:1-27, and 8:28-39 set to music. I took a look at the videos, and they are lovely, but they aren’t the same translation (ESV) that we’re using (might be NIV?), so if music would be helpful, and you don’t mind a different translation, you should look them up! ( and

If you, like me, need to jackhammer the passages into your head in order to remember them, or if you need encouragement just to begin, I wrote a couple of posts for enCourage that may help get you started. The Blessing and Fruit of Scripture Memorization covers why we should memorize scripture, and Memorizing Scripture, {Part 2} covers how to memorize using the method I described in class.

There won’t be a test, but I do encourage you to pair up with a friend to check each other’s progress and stay accountable. You will be blessed if you do, I assure you.

And, again, if you feel this isn’t for you, there is therefore now no condemnation for you, I promise!

Romans 8, An Introduction

This week we began our Spring study with an introduction to our topic. We will be studying Romans chapter 8, using Trillia Newbell’s If God Is For Us: The Everlasting Truth Of Our Great Salvation.

But Why Romans, and why only chapter 8? I turned to James Montgomery Boice to help us understand why, out of all the Bible, we should choose one chapter from one book. He opens his commentary series on Romans with the following: Continue reading “Romans 8, An Introduction”