Hosea Week 11: Final Appeal

Oh, sisters, how refreshing it is to come at last to the final chapter of our study. Not because it means that our time is drawing to a close, no, but because we see in chapter 14 of Hosea a model of true, mindful, heartfelt repentance and the Lord’s turning from his anger as a result. The outline of true repentance in the first 3 verses are instructive, and the promises of God to his repentant people are precious. These point forward to Christ, because of whom, ultimately, God’s anger is turned from his people, our apostasy is healed, and God therefore loves us freely and blesses us abundantly. Continue reading “Hosea Week 11: Final Appeal”

Hosea Week 10, Rejection of Hope

This Last week our study covered chapter 13 of Hosea, and it is a grim picture of how very far Israel has run from the Lord and the terrible consequences which will therefore follow. These are the portions of the Old Testament that nobody likes to read. We don’t slowly savor these passages or overlay the individual verses onto lovely photos of quiet meadows or still waters. And yet, even these reveal our God to us in ways that we must carefully consider. Continue reading “Hosea Week 10, Rejection of Hope”

Hosea Week 4: Punishment Coming, Hosea 5:1-6:3

In last week’s lesson we saw that God was calling Israel to court, as it were, leveling against them a lawsuit for their unfaithfulness. His chief accusation in chapter 4 was against the priests who had neglected their positions as the teachers and preachers of God’s word, thus leaving the people to perish without the knowledge of God. He now continues his accusations, indicting the rest of the cultural leadership of society for leading the people astray into the pagan worship practices of the surrounding nations. The people of Israel had forgotten their knowledge of God, nevertheless, God knows them through and through, from their deeds to their hearts. Continue reading “Hosea Week 4: Punishment Coming, Hosea 5:1-6:3”