More Explanation

In speaking with some of you about the “How” of memorizing 1 John, I realized a bit more explanation may be needed. There really is a method to our method! I apologize for not being more clear to begin with, but if you will hang with me here, and take the time to read the following article which explains more thoughtfully the P2R method for Scripture memory, you may be less inclined to chuck it and walk away. Our goal isn’t to make this confusing, but to simplify the process for all of us.

The following article was written for the enCourage blog a little over a year ago, and there are helpful (I hope) photos to go along with the explanations:

Memorizing Scripture

This next article is the Part 1 to the above article’s Part 2, and is an encouragement for why we ought to endeavor to memorize Scripture. I hope these are helpful.

The Blessing and Fruit of Scripture Memorization

Please, if you still need help, do not hesitate to ask! We’re in this together!