1 John P2R, Week, ….what?

Well, hello…

My best-laid plans over the holidays for slowing the pace for our Partnering to Remember 1 John fell pretty flat pretty quickly. Sometime in early December I announced that I would post in two-week increments instead of weekly, and then,… crickets. My apologies. Clearly, I underestimated the activity level in my home for the holidays, and/or overestimated my ability to keep up!

I was recently reminded of the value of hiding God’s Word in my heart when, on a rather bumpy airplane ride, a fellow passenger and dear sister in the Lord needed some comforting truth to focus on as a distraction from her rising anxiety. Together we recited as much as we could remember from 1 John, and then simply read the rest. Rehearsing the magnificence and wonder of the Father’s love for us, his children, and what he has done for us in Christ to put away our sins so that we might have fellowship with him and with one another in a love which flows from the Godhead into us and then outward to the covenant community was precious indeed. As we focused our hearts and minds on the truths of God’s Word my own faith was strengthened.

We may have also encouraged another sister to join us next time we begin a memorization of an epistle. Too many don’t even begin, convinced that they can’t because they don’t have good memories. Trust me—my memory is legendary for its massive holes.

So, now that things have slowed down a tad, I’m picking my P2R moleskine back up, and will re-enter the memorization fray. I hope that you will join me. This post is to give you a heads up that next Monday I will begin the weekly posts with week 11 of our memorization of 1 John. So, as I did, you may need to look for and dust off your P2R moleskine, and begin reviewing what we have memorized through week 10. The earlier weeks may be more securely anchored in your memory, since they were repeated for a longer period of time than the later weeks, which might need some deliberate reinforcement.

Until next week, remember, you are strong (because) the word of God abides in you, and (therefore) you have overcome the evil one! Let’s do this!