1 John P2R, Week 9

The past two weeks have been busier than I anticipated (California-to-Texas road-trip, Thanksgiving, what’s so busy about those?), which resulted in this week’s memorization going down slower than usual, which further resulted in my not getting this post out last week as planned. Ah, the best laid plans… Now that we have reached what some consider to be the official beginning of the holiday season, we can reasonably expect our days to be busier than usual, or at least running at a different—faster—pace than normal. Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of allowing the voices of urgency to dictate our days, we took this time to slow down and focus on what is truly important? Let’s give some effort to slowing down and continuing to hide God’s Word in our hearts, even through the holiday season. As we are reminded by the Christmas season of the love of God in sending his Son to us, let’s memorize his word which assures us of this love! Continue reading “1 John P2R, Week 9”

1 John P2R, Week 8

The last two weeks we worked on portions of 1 John that deal with antichrists: liars who are Christ-deniers, and John was very clear that they have no part in Christ. These were formerly members of the church, teaching false doctrines and masquerading as children of light while they continued to walk in the dark. But they left the church, leaving confusion and hurt in their wake. John wants to make crystal clear the fact that no true follower of Christ behaves that way, and so he has written to assure the believers of the differences between themselves and the false brethren, and to encourage them to hold fast to the gospel that they had heard from the beginning. Continue reading “1 John P2R, Week 8”

P2R 1 John, Week 7

How’s your memorization coming? Are you partnering with a friend in real life to rehearse your progress? I find it so helpful to recite to my prayer partner, because she catches the little mistakes and slips that might otherwise become habitual errors. And we agree that 1 John is more difficult than others that we have memorized, with his returning to the same theme and using the same words and phrases over and over again. It is worth the effort though, so don’t give up! Just last week I had occasion to draw from my memory some needed assurance as I prayed with a friend over a difficult providence laid on her family by our loving Lord, and it was precious to examine the circumstance through the lens of what we know to be true in Christ. Continue reading “P2R 1 John, Week 7”

P2R 1 John, Week 6

In this week’s selection from 1 John we are continuing the discussion of the believers’ separation from the world. The desires that are in the world are not only opposed to the will of God, they are temporary—but believers will abide forever in Christ. How then can we pursue such low, dark, fleeting, and anti-Christian desires? In verses 16 & 17 John gives us a decent definition of “the world,” in the sense of it being a system or worldview which is opposed to God. Continue reading “P2R 1 John, Week 6”