Lesson Announcement

Dear Ones,

When we began our study of 1 John we only had the first 6 lessons printed in your binders. I have continued writing lessons for the study, and lessons 7 and 8 are both printed were handed out in class as they became available. Several of our ladies missed classes due to appointments, sick children, or other unforeseen circumstances, and have therefore not gotten these newer lessons. If you did not get the newest lessons in class, do stop into the office to pick them up when you can. Please don’t let an absence of a week or two prevent you from returning for our final lesson (Nov. 14) before the holiday break!

I will continue writing over the holiday and will get the new lessons to you as soon as I am able. Please pray for me as I write, since we all know how “quiet and calm” the holiday season is for focused work of any kind…! It is my own prayer that the study lessons I write for you are informative, faith-building, gospel-centered, and God-honoring. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving you in this way.

Love, in Christ,


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Arts and Eats for CPC Ladies

San Antonio Museum of Art
August 15th

El Greco, Goya, Velázquez… More than 40 works will be on view from the most important museums in Madrid, including the Prado. More info and sign up here.





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Fellowship with God Through Confidence in Christ,

led by Barbaranne Kelly

A study of the text of 1, 2 & 3 John, supported by the whole of Scripture, and its application to believers today. We will search out the doctrines taught in these epistles and the covenant connections which tie them to all of the Bible.

*Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings at CPC*

The Pastoral Letters: Doctrine, Duty, and Life in the Local Church,
led by Kathy Horan

A study on the Pastoral Epistles of Paul (Timothy 1&2 and Titus), with an emphasis on the covenantal community in the local church. 

*Tuesday mornings at CPC*