Looking To Jesus, Chapter 10


On any given day, if I don’t think about it too much, I’m rather content. Now, Scripture calls us to contentment, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Most days I’m content to simply be average: averagely comfortable, moderately productive, and conveniently involved in the lives of others. I will see what’s happening among others in my church community or ‘out there’ in the world and I can get energized or upset by current events, but only until it pushes me against my comfort zone, and then—that’s quite enough already; simmer down; back to average comfort. After all, I’m an introvert. A low-energy introvert. Don’t even talk about looking inward. This is how God made me. Leave me alone—I mean, I’m fine. Continue reading “Looking To Jesus, Chapter 10”

Class Notes, Chapter 10

two young women

“The church needs women who will embark on the grand and glorious adventure of knowing and serving God, and along the way they will probably be unaware that they look more and more like their Father.” [1]



 Summer Study Groups                         

Today we concluded our book study of Women’s Ministry in the Local Church. It has been a wonderful time of study and fellowship with our sister-friends. We have learned that we must  be submissive to our leaders, compassionate with each other, have a love for the community in which God has placed us, willing to disciple and be discipled, immersed in scripture, and constant in prayer.

Love means dying to self. Really. As redeemed women we are to risk comfort, sacrifice our time and treasure, use our gifts, invest in the lives of our brothers and sisters in our local church.

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From the Heart, Chapter 9


This week we learned that women’s ministry must be based on the sound truth of Scripture. There are too many competing voices in the evangelical world, not to mention the secular world, that are distorting God’s Word. Women’s ministry must aim to ground women in the full-orbed truth of Scripture so that we may grow up in every way in Christ, fulfilling our God given-design as strong “ezers” (helpers) and life-givers rather than hinderers and life-takers. Continue reading “From the Heart, Chapter 9”

Looking To Jesus, Chapter 9


This week in our book study we are considering the importance of Scripture in the challenges the church faces in holding fast to truth in a culture of rapidly changing and declining values. Our study of women’s ministry returns again and again to keeping our understanding of biblical womanhood centered on the truth as revealed in God’s holy Scriptures. The challenges come in many shapes; the single issue at the core is: will our homes, our friendships, our fellowship, our ministry, and—frankly—even our Bible studies be shaped by the world or the Word? Continue reading “Looking To Jesus, Chapter 9”