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My heart overflows with joy in anticipation of gathering together with you next Wednesday to delve into this little gem of a book on Christian friendship.

In Closer Than A Sister, Christina Fox explores the relationships we have with our sisters in Christ with an emphasis on those relationships within the local church. During our short five-week study, we will look at the rich theological foundations for friendship, several commands in the New Testament showing the early church what Christian friendship should look like, and finish up with a look at the challenges that work against our nurture and growth in the local church through these relationships.

Please read Part I: A Community of Faith (pages 23-61), looking over the questions at the end of chapters 1 – 3, so that you will be prepared for our discussion on July 11. As we join together each week to discuss and fellowship, my prayer and hope for you can be stated no better than our author did in her introduction to the book.

“My hope for you, dear reader, is that after reading this book you will desire to know and be known by your church community. I hope that you will see that you need Christian friendships and they need you as well. I hope that you will seek to deepen your friendships in your church and that such relationships would shine a light, reflecting Christ to the world.”


For His glory and His bride,

Jana Henry


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We will again be blogging class summaries and offering various resources to enhance our summer study. Please join us in person if you can, but if not, join us on the web. This is a study not to be missed.


If you are studying with us “virtually” you can pick up Christina Fox’s wonderful book at Amazon, available in both paperback and Kindle editions.


Before the first class on July 11th:

Read pages 23-61, or up to 61 before the first study.




Last week our Women’s Ministry Team met to reflect and share notes on our recent women’s conference, Compassionate Community, with Susan Hunt. The focus of the conference was Biblical Womanhood, as expressed in Titus 2 Spiritual Mothering relationships. As one, we all agree that Susan’s message to us was not only precisely what the local church, but also the Church as a whole desperately needs to hear. We were overwhelmed by the positive response to the conference—and by positive response, I mean women who were starving for this message were brought to feast on the bread of God’s Word and they left nourished, but hungry for more!

The following is the talk given by Jana to open our meeting, based on her own reflections on the conference as they corresponded with her devotional reading in John’s Gospel. We are all excited to see what the Lord will do not only in our own women’s ministry, but in the ministries and churches represented at the conference. May we be willing vessels, believing his promises and carrying out the works for which he has prepared us, firm in our faith, with humility and love for one another. ~Barbaranne Kelly

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Partnering 2 Remember, Week 17

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With this passage, 1 Peter 5:8-14, we come to the end of I Peter. Peter finishes his letter to the “elect exiles” warning them about their greatest enemy, who is ultimately behind all suffering for Christ. He exhorts them to remain firm in their faith and encourages them with God’s sure promises. This thought causes him to break out into a doxology of praise.

In his final words, he reveals the courier of his letter and a clue about where he was when the letter was written. He ends with a short exhortation and blessing for all who are in Christ. Continue reading “Partnering 2 Remember, Week 17”