2018 Summer Book Study Info

For those of you attending at the church:

If you haven’t signed up yet for our WOP summer study, you can do this at www.christpresnb.org. You may pick up your book in the church office.



Also, please subscribe below to be notified when we post new messages, class summaries and other resources. If you were subscribed to our earlier blog, you are still subscribed. If you do not want to receive email notifications, you can unsubscribe in our emails.


For those who cannot attend in person for some or all of the five dates:

We will again be blogging class summaries and offering various resources to enhance our summer study. Please join us in person if you can, but if not, join us on the web. This is a study not to be missed.


If you are studying with us “virtually” you can pick up Christina Fox’s wonderful book at Amazon, available in both paperback and Kindle editions.


Before the first class on July 11th:

Read pages 23-61, or up to 61 before the first study.