Optional: Further Reading for Lesson 10

Because the passage we covered in lesson 10 of our study of 1 John has so loaded with potential for misinterpretation over the years, and has caused confusion and even despair, I handed out two articles in class to add to the understanding of what John was teaching. One article, by Tim Challies, addressed the return of Christ, and the other, by John Piper, addressed purifying ourselves through sanctification. I wanted to make these available here for those who are following along remotely (or missed the handouts). I’m adding a third here, which addresses our need for pursuing sanctification, and was written by Jen Wilkin (our 2017 WOP Spring Conference speaker) a few years back.

In this blog post she wrote with substance and reason to address a concern that I’d had for years. Do carve out the time to thoughtfully read these, and I’m sure that you will understand even better our need to purify ourselves as we look forward with hope to our Lord Jesus Christ’s return.

Jesus Wins, by Tim Challies

The Legacy of One-Point Calvinism, by John Piper

Failure is Not a Virtue, by Jen Wilkin